Monday, July 27, 2009

Connecticut Computer Rentals

Connecticut Computer Rentals
Nestled in New England, Connecticut is not only the 4th most densely populated state in the country, but it also has one of the highest per capita incomes. With a booming economy from industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and several high-tech industries, and it's proximity to New York City, many companies are expanding or holding their conferences, conventions, and trade shows in the "The Constitution State" and depending on computer and technology rentals to help them get the job done.

While many companies depend on one single vendor, limiting the amount of the rentals and service they can provide, has many different resources available. There are currently dozens of Tech-Army Troops in Connecticut, waiting to help you with your computer and technology rental needs, whether you need desktops, laptops, audio visual equipment, staging equipment, plasma TVs, projectors, or any other technology equipment. Once you have determined what you need, your Tech-Army Troop member will not only deliver the equipment to your event or business, but they will install and test the technology to assure quality and satisfaction.

If you are in Connecticut or anywhere in North America, and need computer rentals, look no further than Visit our website or call 1-800-736-8772 today to book your equipment or to get a fast quote on Connecticut Computer and Technology Rentals.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HP Color LaserJet Printer CP3520N Rental

HP Color LaserJet Printer CP3520N Rental

You don't have to forgo quality and speed to find a printer that doesn't take up too much space! HP's Color LaserJet Printer CP3520N is just that. It prints in both color and black and white at a rate of 30 pages per minute, 1200 x 600 DPI. The printer is compact making it a perfect fit for any office of any size - great for small and medium businesses! Connectivity is not an issue with the printer's 1 GB Ethernet and high speed USB 2.0 ports. Every document you print with this Color LaserJet printer will come out looking and clean with crisp text and very sharp imagine.

To get a fast quote on an HP Color Laser Jet Printer CP3520N Rental, visit our website today at or call 1-800-736-8772 to speak to a Tech Travel Agent today. We can have your printer rental delivered to your office anytime, anywhere.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Copier Technology Information

Helpful Copier InformationDid you know doesn't just rent computers but also copiers? Copiers tie straight into corporate businesses and are one of the most important pieces of technology for corporate events such as marketing projects, yearly financial reports, temporary offices, special projects and convention services. Copiers can also increase employee productivity during peak work hours and in general make things easier to handle around the office

Its simple. Having a reliable copier just makes sense in a corporate environment. But with thousands of different copiers out there it can be hard to decide which copier is best for your business and what features you should be using. Luckily we have an informational website called The Copier Blog which is dedicated to everything copier technology so you can figure out what you need out of your copier.

Already know what kind of copier you are looking for? Check out our affordable Copier Leasing options. Whether you need a low volume copier for a year or a Production Grade Printing System for three years, our Tech Travel Agents will make it happen.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

When to Rent a Laptop Computer

Businesses are always leasing or buying computer equipment but when and why should you rent a laptop or notebook? Maybe you need technology on short notice or within a short amount of time. Maybe you're a holding a training class and you need a large quantity of computers for a short amount of time. Maybe your current order of laptops is on back order but your staff needs to get started right now. Maybe you need a wireless computer for travel. These are all great reasons to considering renting a laptop!

Most people confuse renting with leasing. Renting is flexible and generally for the short-term. Leasing is a fixed arrangement. While canceling a lease will usually lead to a severe penalty, renting can be canceled or extended at any time without any penalty at all. Renting requires no capital budget and can be done simply with a company credit card. It's just as easy as purchasing office supplies. Rental companies have expert computer techs ready to deliver, install and test your laptop right there at your office, training room, trade show booth, convention, conference, or seminar. They also always have a backup plan just in case the unexpected happens.

What are some other reasons for renting laptops?

- Temporary Offices can be set up with laptop, printers, copiers, and fax machine rentals. Hardware will be configured to your company specifications and installed anywhere in the United States or Canada. Such offices can be set up in hotel rooms, trailers, warehouses, and convention centers and for state and federal government agencies such as FEMA, the FBI, and the IRS. Legal firms, television networks covering hurricane disasters, movie studios on location, construction sites, and corporate mergers and takeovers have all take advantage of temporary offices.

- Temporary Employees will need temporary technology. Renting laptop computers helps to coordinate the installation and removal of computers, printers, and other technology for any length of time.

- Traveling Executives won't have to carry computers through airports and public transportation. Have you're preconfigured, tested technology waiting at your final destination. Avoid the hassle of traveling with technology by calling a Tech Travel Agent!

Have more questions about laptop rentals? Need a fast quote on laptop rentals anywhere in the United States and Canada? Call 1-800-736-8772 or visit today!

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer 2009 - Just Back From Rental

Refurbished Desktops and is one of the nation's largest suppliers of Computer and Audio Visual technologies for use in short-term business rentals. This means our rental inventory is constantly expanding and when we get equipment back from rental, we refurbish, re-tune, and make sure the equipment is in excellent working order before offering the equipment on our Tech Army PX. You could save hundreds of dollars by purchasing refurbished equipment over brand new. Here are some of the "Just Back From Rental" technologies that have been refurbished and are currently up for sale.

IBM ThinkPad T60

The ThinkPad T-series can be thought of as the flagship of the ThinkPad brand, it's squarely targeted towards business users and professionals. Durability, security, usability and performance are all important characteristics of the ThinkPad T-series. The T60 itself carries on these traditions with a jump in performance from the previous T43 model and some changes to configuration options available and the port and keyboard layout.

HP Compaq NX9420 Notebook

The HP Compaq nx9420 is designed for power users looking for the most robust notebook in HP's Business Notebook line. It combines mobile computing technologies, high-end graphics, and excellent battery life into a thin and light package.

Dell Latitude D610 Mobile Laptop

The Latitude D610 is designed for enterprise customers who want flexibility, mobility and convenience in the workplace. These are customers looking for a durable notebook offering the ideal blend features and performance. Starting at less than five pounds, the D610 delivers all the performance you need. Nothing You Don't. All at your fingertips.

HP Compac TC4200 Tablet PC
The HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC is a power-packed ultra-mobile tablet that is a full-function PC designed to simplify the on-the-go professional experience with the added convenience of handwriting.

HP DC7700 Dual Core Desktop PC
Features a wide selection of manageability tools and long lifecycles with managed transitions help maximize productivity in your managed IT environment allowing for more efficient planning and deployment. • Dual Core technology helps compute larger amounts of information more efficiently.

Compaq Evo D500 Desktop PC
The Compaq Evo desktop family is defining the next era of corporate computing. By introducing an evolutionary line of manageable computing solutions for demanding networked environments, the Evo desktop family offers corporate customers a wide range of secure managed solutions.

If you are interested in any of our Just Back From Rental, inventory then check out our Tech Army PX which also lists some of our rental inventory. Or, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact a Tech Travel Agent today by calling 1-800-736-8772 or by e-mail at

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

BenQ MP620c - 2000 Lumen DLP Projector

BenQ MP620c - 2000 Lumen DLP Projector

The BenQ MP620c projector has been called one of the best quality projectors for any budget and is constantly exceeding expectations. But with all of the features the projector has to offer, it is no surprise that those who use it are falling in love!

The projector, compatible with both PC and MAC, has plenty of room for connections including D-sub in and D-sub out, analog, S-video, a 3.5 MM audio jack, centrally located DVI-I dual link in, and a USB mini(B) jack. It also has lots of extra features including various picture modes, freeze frame, key lock to prevent accidental shut-down, on-screen alerts and timers, eco-mode technology, SRGB color profile, and auto input search. The projector's resolution is 1024 x 768 and video goes up to 1080i. The projector has great sound, fast rebooting time, and twin fans for quiet, but effective cooling. The light source power is 285 watts, contrast is 700:1, and brightness is 2000:1.

You can purchase a BenQ MP620c 2000 Lumen DLP Projector for $445.00 with free ground shipping. Our projectors were originally short-term business rentals from and have been taken from that inventory and refurbished, allowing you to get a top-quality product for a lot less money!

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