Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Laptop Blog For Everything Laptops

A Laptop BlogInterested in information about laptops, notebooks, pda's, ultra-portables and the latest news in mobile technology? Then stop on over and take a look at one of our most popular blogs simply known as "A Laptop Blog".

This laptop blog basically entails everything laptops to keep you, the consumer and enthusiast, informed. Find out about the latest models from Dell, Asus, Sony, HP, Apple, Lenovo and more or even check out our bargain buyers guides to help you find laptops for less. We even cover laptop networking, external hard-drives for laptops, wi-fi, solid state drives, graphics cards, laptop backpacks, if it has to deal with laptops, we have probably covered it.

The main contributors to this blog are Mike Howard, Alexander Solis, Kyle Thompson, and Woodio, who are all extremely tech savvy individuals and dedicated employees to Xponex Web and Media. So what are you waiting on, check out the blog and feel free to leave a comment or even send us an e-mail on topics you have questions on or would like to suggest. We also offer an assortment of Laptop Rentals for students and business professionals looking to travel.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rent a Computer Network for Quickbooks

You need upgrade your Quickbooks* or other accounting software to a multi-user version on a network. But cash flow is slow and a network could cost $6000 or more.

How do you preserve cash yet still meet your computer network goals without a long term commitment? Rent a complete computer network from Rentacomputer.com and the Tech Special Forces.

Consider renting a computer network to bridge any gap. You can rent a Microsoft WindowsTM Network Server, routers, cables, wireless connections and more. Everything you need for a small business network.

Wireless networks are easy. Everything is tested in our shop for easy end user setup.
On site setup in available from local service technicians at a rate of $99 per hour.

Click This Link Now...because when the link is gone, so is this deal.
For a limited time, we are now offering a computer network rental for $299 per month**.
This network includes the file server ready for your Quickbooks* or other compatible network software installation, a wireless access point, a laser printer and 3 wireless notebooks. Connection to the Internet or On-site installation not included.

*Quickbooks is a registered tradename of Intuit. Seperate purchase necessary.
**Save $100/mo but offer is limited. Regular price $399 , see the Tech Special Forces for details. Local service available at additional Charge. Does not include connection to the internet.