Monday, August 25, 2008

Computer Panic - Solved by Laptop Rental

Computer Panic SolvedHere in the office we have an old inside joke about what we call “computer panic”. You see we rent laptops, computers and audio video equipment to business and qualified individuals who have a short term need for some type of technology rental. Some of these short term rental needs come up at the last minute and arise from the strangest of situations.

The calls and e-mail requests we receive for our computer rentals are about 90% well thought out, planned in advance for some training class, sales presentation, trade show, or even a server migration project. But that still leaves a 10% margin for panic. From experience traveling with your technology is a risky proposition and an activity that could well find you in the grasp of your own computer panic some day.

Below is the complete text of an e-mail that just arrived. Just an example of that 10% we mentioned above. Don’t feel too bad for the customer because they did the right thing by contacting a Tech-Travel Agent and I am sure they will have a rental laptop in their hands soon.

My husband just called from the airplane in a panic because he went off without his laptop. I called the hotel and they gave me your contact info. If you rent laptops in Atlanta, please contact my husband. His flight lands at around 6:30 pm Monday.

Thank you!

So as you can see "computer panic" is real thing, but with a Tech Travel Agent it has a real and easy solution.

For more information on the pitfalls of traveling with your technology see the links below:

10,000 Laptops lost each week at airports
How to preserve the life of your plasma
Airport screening makes laptop travel difficult

To talk to a Tech Travel Agent about your plans to travel call 800-736-8772 today.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Training Rentals

Classroom Training RentalRentacomputer has been providing training rentals for over 20 years now. Now what exactly is a "training rental" you may ask? Well a training rental is no more than a normal technology rental, but the rental is used for the training of new employees or new procedures. For example lets say your company opens up a new branch and they need to hire 20 or more people to fill up the new branch, but these 20 new employees also need to be properly trained for the new job which will require a class that you will have to set-up to explain and teach the job requirements to the new employees.

This can be made easy with technology rentals since you would not longer need the equipment after the job is complete and the new employees are trained. For a situation like this we would recommend that you should rent a projector so that the presentation can be shown up in front of the entire class easily. Also a computer rental for each of the employees would be a good suggestion since most of the time a company does not have many extra computers sitting around for people to receive the proper training on. A laptop is perfect for a training rental due to the portability of a laptop.

Also can preinstall your computer training software before hand on your computer rentals if needed. A training rental is also perfect for a short term employee that will only be with you for a a couple weeks to a month. You can find a full list of Training Rentals on our Classroom Training Page.

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Dell’s New Studio Hybrid Line

Dell Studio Hybrid
Dell has just introduced a new eco friendly and great looking desktop that brings a whole new meaning to mini pc. The new Studio Hybrid comes in at an astonishing weight of only 4.8 pounds and the dimensions are 8.3x7.7x2.8 inches. Having a desktop this small is perfect for anyone looking to have a media-room pc or a small great looking desktop to put on top of their workspace.

Dells new desktop is also one of the first eco friendly pc’s out on the market that is making an attempt to go green. The desktop is 80% smaller than a standard desktop and contains about 75% less printed documentation by weight than a typical desktop. Also the desktop has one of the best psu’s out on the Market with their power supply that is 87% efficient and to top it all off Dell’s Studio Hybrid reports that its desktop uses 70% less power than a typical desktop computer.

This computer is perfect if you are looking for a very low profile computer that does not take up much space, looks good, and is easy to move. The only downside of its slim design is it does not offer the best performance when it comes to cost for budget desktop’s. There are many other desktop’s out right now that will outperform the Dell Studio Hybrid in every field, but what Dell’s desktop lacks in performance it makes up in design, portability, and eco-friendly.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Duke Energy Center*

Duke Energy CenterLocated in Cincinnati, Ohio is The Duke Energy Convention Center which is one of the largest conventions centers in the nation. Recently the Duke Energy Center has made changes and renovations to making it one of the best convention centers. Now that the Duke Energy Center has made their renovations they can accommodate up to 75 percent of the conventions, conferences, and other meetings that already take place.

The new Duke Energy Center was designed to have more rooms and more capable to hold meetings and conferences. The different rooms that the Duke Energy Center has are meeting rooms, ball rooms, exhibit halls, and a full-service banquet kitchen. The Duke Energy Center has 3 levels and hosts one of the biggest ballrooms in the Midwest which is over 40,000 feet.

The Duke Energy Center is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. There are many restaurants, clubs, and shopping centers located close to the Duke Energy Center. Also the Cincinnati Airport is only 10 minutes away.

If you are going to be planning a trip anytime soon to Cincinnati or the Duke Energy Center let our Technology Travel Agent book your next computer or audio visual rental need.

If you are worried about losing your information don’t worry our Tech Travel Agents can reserve the computer or audio visual hardware you need for your tradeshow, conference or event so you do not lose anything. Renting from saves you a hassle and more equipment to have to carry around.

* is not affiliated with or in any way authorized by the Duke Energy Center . is an independent nationwide technology rental provider and this page in no way implies exclusivity of our services at Duke Energy Center .

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