Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Computer Rental for Tax Season

Computer Rental for the Tax Preparation industry is a common thing, and a good thing, that happens all over the country at the start of each year. It's common because the Tax Preparation industry falls into the same dilemma that many small business do. That dilemma is why buy expensive computer systems when you only have a short term need?

To learn more about a computer rental for your Tax or Accounting business contact us today using the link or the phone number listed below.
Computer rental quote request.


Friday, January 25, 2008

DVD Projector Rental

DVD Projector RentalAlways striving to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to offering the widest range of computer rental and audio visual rental products available on the web, has expanded their repertoire to providing DVD Projector Rentals with local delivery throughout their entire service area in the United States and beyond!

DVD Projectors are perfect for single-purpose uses such as wedding receptions, conferences, and trade shows. Just plug in your DVD Projector, pop in a DVD, and forget it. This combination unit replaces the need for a Laptop Rental with a regular Projector Rental in this capacity, but doesn't provide all the features of having both.

A laptop and a projector together allow you more function, at the cost of transporting and setting up more equipment. For instance, with use of a laptop, you can run a Powerpoint presentation through your projector, which wouldn't be possible with only a DVD Projector combination unit. The drawback to having projector which needs to be controlled by a laptop is difficulty of use. An advanced user who is familiar with the wiring required to configure a projector to work with a laptop might find having both of them available to be the ideal situation, but a DVD Projector is perfect for the casual user who wants to plug it in and know it's going to work on the spot, without any unforeseen complications.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Computer Rentals - Denver Colorado

Denver Computer RentalsComputer rentals in the Mile-High City have been a part of our daily routine since 1988. Our Tech-Travel Agents rank Denver Computer Rentals in the top 20 most requested destinations for their computer rental clients.

Though it has been several years ago now I do believe Denver was the destination for the single largest order I was ever personally evolved with. That order was for the rental of three fully populated racks of IBM blade servers.

Not every client however has the type of project that requires that much processing power. So of course the more common Denver computer rental scenario might be desktop systems for a training class, or a LCD projector for a presentation, or even a laptop for a traveling executive who might be in town for a meeting.

Our Denver computer rental inventory and our services are among the most diverse of any computer rental firm in the country. So no matter what your Denver technology rental need be sure to call your Tech Travel Agent today at 800-736-8772 and find out how they can make your job easier.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Computer Rental Accessories

Computer Rental AccessoriesWe hope it comes as no surprise that any computer rental with can be configured with a full line of computer rental accessories. Computer rental accessories can range from wireless network devices, to printers or copiers, to headphones, all the way up to a video wall.

With the right computer rental accessories your computer rental that you are counting on to make your trade show, convention, or event a success can be even more effective. With one call you can source not only your computer hardware but all the accessories that make that hardware fit your need: Such as a floor stand for a large screen plasma rental, or even a magnetic card reader to work with your computer rentals running the show registration.

Remember with your Tech Travel Agent and you can request and book your complete show or event needs.

Click here to read more on Computer Rental Accessories or call us today at 800-736-8772

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Computer Rentals for Computer Based Training

Computer Rentals for Computer Based TrainingA computer rental for a computer based training class might seam like something that does not even need to be mentioned. Much like a seat belt is seldom mentioned when you get in your car. It's just something you do because it makes sense.

So then you might wonder why we are making this post. Well that's easy to answer. Where a seatbelt comes standard with every car, a computer rental does not come standard with every computer based training class. You have to ask for the computer rental and helping people find who to ask to get the best computer rental service is why we are making this post. has been helping business by providing computer rentals for computer based training classes for over 20 years. In that time our computer rental service has grown to cover the entire United States as well as Canada and several other English speaking countries around the world.

Click here to learn more about how a computer rental for your next training class can save your company time and money.

Or click here for a quick computer rental quote for your training class or call your Tech Travel Agent Today at 800-736-8772.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Computer Rentals - For Conventions and Trade Shows

Convention Center Computer & AV RentalsThinking about computer rentals at the start of this New Year, and thinking what sort of post we could make to help our computer rental customers, it occurred to me that this would be a fine time to get back to basics. Basics in the computer rental business have to start with Computer Rentals for Conventions and Trade Shows.

So if you are planning your 2008 show schedule now would be a fine time to contact our Tech Travel Agents and find out how a computer rental from can make your 2008 convention season all the more enjoyable. can deliver a full line of desktop computer rentals, event audio video rentals including video wall rentals, trade show booth rentals, and for larger events we now offer a full line of staging and event rentals.

With a computer rental delivered right to your trade show or booth you or your staff can have a more enjoyable show experience as a computer rental removes the worry and risk of transporting expensive and cumbersome equipment that is often required for a professional looking booth.

Our computer rental technicians service over 1000 cities nationwide and are very familiar with the countries busiest convention facilities such as the McCormick Place, The Las Vegas Convention Center, The Phoenix Convention Center, The Georgia World Congress in Atlanta, and hundreds more.

To inquire about a computer rental for your 2008 show schedule call see the link below or call us today at 800-736-8772.

Convention Center Computer Rental Quote Request.

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