Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Top Reasons for a File Server Rental

Server Rentals 800-736-8772Did you know Rentacomputer.com has been providing File Server Rentals since 1987?

In those 20 plus years we have delivered and installed server rentals all across the United States, Canada, and Europe saving our customers countless millions as compared to the cost of purchasing the server equipment.

Top Reasons to Rent Your Server Hardware from Rentacomputer.com:

* Server rentals can be delivered right to your data center, office, or training facility anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and they can often be there faster than a traditional purchase.

* Server rentals are a cost efficient solution to your short term need for any level of extra processing power. From a data migration project, a render farm for an animation project, to the ever so common proof of concept or software development project, a server rental is a perfect scalable short term solution.

* Server rental inventory includes: Sun Midrange and Enterprise Level Servers, Blade Servers from IBM, Dell, or HP, and Rackmount and Desktop File Servers from major manufacturers such as Compaq, IBM, Sun, and Dell. Don’t forget our servers can be configured with your choice of Intel, AMD or Motorola/SPARC CPU configurations.

* All server rentals from Rentacomputer.com include a complete line of accessory options including: Storage Solutions such as Tape Libraries, SAN or NAS Devices, Fiber Channel Adapters, Routers and Switches, Full Height or Half Height Racks, KVM switches, Rackmount LCD Monitors, Power Distribution Units and more!

Remember, our Tech Travel Agents not only supply server rentals but also a complete line of technology and event rentals. So, when your next project, training class, sales presentation, or event, calls for extra hardware, remember www.Rentacomputer.com is your one stop solution.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A look at Copier Rentals

copier rentalTech Travel agents have been booking Copier Rentals to our customers for close to 20 years. Our Tech Travel agents have a large variety of copiers for you to book so that we can find the right one for you.

With our Tech Army count currently reaching 14,000 we are able to deploy your copier faster than ever to over 1,000 cities.

Why rent a copier? Copier Rentals make perfect sense when you need a copier for corporate events, company marketing projects, year end financial reports, temporary offices, convention services, and special projects. Our Copiers are available for rent for as short or long as you want!

A Copier Rental is a great way to increase your productivity during peak work loads or corporate projects. A Copier Rental is also great for when you need to take one on the road with you, but you do not want to deal with the hassle of transporting it. We can make it so that when you arrive at your new work place we will already have one set up and ready to go.

Click here if you would like a Copier Rental Quote.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

New Screen Lifter rentals

Screen LifterA cool new product out there on RentAComputer.com is the easy to use Screen Lifter for the 103" Panosonic Plasma. This product is simply put amazing, the mobility of the Screen Lifter makes it much easier and safer to transport the Panosonic Plasma. The Screen Lifter comes to you in a flight case with wheels so that you can just roll the huge 103" screen to the desired position. Once placed you can raise your screen with the help of an electric lift built into the Screen Lifter. The lift is controlled by the push of a single button. Once pushed the lift can raise the TV to over 3 meters off the ground.

Another great feature is on the back there is a simple lock that when unlocked allows you to rotate the screens 90 degrees to a portrait view where you then just simply lock it back. The Screen Lifter is a must have for anyone who needs to transport the 103" Panasonic Plasma, to order now or to learn more, visit Screen Lifter Rentals on www.rentacomputer.com.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 DNC Computer And Event Rentals

2008 DNC Equipment RentalsWith the 2008 Democratic National Convention looking to be the most exciting in years it’s no secret that equipment rentals in Denver will be at a premium this August. From laptops rentals, large screen plasma TV rentals, projector rentals, public address equipment rentals, web casting and even production equipment rentals, are all expected to be making the list of equipment that will be in short supply.

But not to worry, Rentacomputer.com has been busy preparing for the 2008 Democratic National Convention since last year. With a complete line of Denver technology rentals, event rentals, and audio video rentals, your Tech Travel Agent will help make your time in Denver is as productive as it can be by providing you the short term technology rental you need, when you need it.

With over 20 years of experience in nationwide event and convention rentals, we know that no other single company can delivery more technology rental products to Denver this summer. So if you are still in the planning stages of your trip to the 2008 DNC check out a few of our very informative web pages on : Campaign Rentals, Event Rentals, Pepsi Center Computer Rentals, or Denver Computer Rentals.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Convention Center Directory

Convention Center DirectoryEver notice how difficult it is to find any useful collection of information on the countries trade show or convention facilities? Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of great sites for individual venues, or cities, etc, but what if you need to do research or planning that goes beyond just that one venue? In the past you might have to spend hours with a search engine, save literally dozens of bookmarks, and most likely take a lot of notes by hand. Being in that boat ourselves we decided to start a directory of the countries most popular convention centers and trade show facilities.

Since we are in the business of providing short term technology solutions we have called this directory a “Trade Show Rental Directory”. Though there are links designed to help the convention going business community easily source any of their event rental needs, the vast majority of information in our directory is purely informational and designed to make that wide ranging convention center research more convenient.

At present there are 16 of what we would consider the most popular trade show and convention facilities on our list and we look to expand that to 25 within the next few weeks. If you are wondering exactly what you might find on our convention center directory we are presently using a structure that lists and links to our own hand written summary page of the largest convention centers. That’s followed by a list of links to the nation’s largest convention and visitors bureaus. Next we have the schedule of events listed up with a closing list of convention news by state.

If you find yourself on this new page in search of rental equipment for your next big trade show, or if you just want to take advantage of the consolidated convention information it offers, we hope you find our directory helpful. If you have any suggestions on features or convention facilities that you would like to see added to our convention directory please leave us a comment and we will try to make that happen.

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