Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Event Rental Thoughts and Ideas

Will you or your company be exhibiting at or planning to host a trade show or event this year?Event Rental Tips Want to really impress attendees and leave a lasting impression?  

Here are some Tech Travel Agent Event Rental thoughts and ideas:

2. Rent Video Walls for larger events for maximim impact.

3. Use a Tech Travel Agent to coordinate all additional hardware and technical manpower needed for your event. 

4. A little sound goes along way, mic up your people, rent speakers and projectors for the best event. You can rent everything you need here: Event AV Rentals

5. Rent state of the art wireless laptops for your trade show booth like the Apple MacBook Air.

Renting Computer and AV equipment is a convenient and viable option.
Even if you attend more than one trade show per month, the costs of deployment, insurance and frequent replacement make renting audio visual equipment a convenient and viable option. 

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Computer Rental 200 Pounds?

No, were not talking about the weight of the computer, we are talking about the cost. One can rent a typical laptop, notebook or desktop for as 200 pounds sterling.

You can Hire a 200 pound notebook in London!
Yes, Brits call it Hiring, Americans, Renting, either way renting is the convienient way of avoiding dragging your computer through customs. 

If you have to travel, consider a laptop computer rental

With state of the art wireless technology built-in, connecting with your office has never been easier. And your laptop can be delivered to your hotel, business location, conference, convention, trade show or other venue. 

Contact your personal Tech Travel Agent directly for rentals in the US and the UK. or 800-736-8772 [800 Rent R PC].

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Copier Rentals Nationwide

Rent A copierCopier rentals are a large part of the business world; due to the expense of purchasing the equipment many corporations do not actualy own the large copiers you see in permanent use at their offices. These copiers are often acquired though a copier leasing program.

However when a company has a convention, a trade show, or other short term need for a copier then more often than not they takd advantage of a copier rental program. This again is a cost effective solution that provides the necessary copier hardware without the expense of purchasing.

Renting a copier for a short term need will always cost your company less than an outright purchase. Your business can rent a copier for a day, a week or whatever length of time is appropriate for your project. A copier rental from will guarantee the latest technology with on site technicians that can set up and service your copier anywhere in the country.

For more information on copier rentals contact your Tech Travel Agent at 800-736-8772 or click here for a quick Copier Rental Quote Request.

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