Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Computer Rental - Industry News Video

As the Computer Rental Industry prepares for the close of 2007 we can not help but look back and reflect on a few of the innovations that have helped keep the computer rental industry a vibrant and growing force in the national business economy.

(Clik here for a list of some of best new computer hardware 2007 had to offer.)

In 2007 many computer rental firms followed suit and expanded their technology rental inventory as well as their service offerings. John Beagle of the nationwide computer rental firm explains “By adding Kiosk Rentals, Video Wall Rentals, and a complete line of Staging and Event Rentals to our product mix we were able to take advantage of the logistics chain we already have in place and simply provide a more complete turnkey solution for our clients.”

Speaking on the importance of logistics to the computer rental industry Niraj Jain of ICCRents said simply, “Now, logistics is everything to ICC”. As such ICCRents has continued to improve their custom written enterprise resource planning software in 2007 and it is estimated that the total development cost has now exceeded one million dollars.

Other industry wide computer rental changes in 2007 included better organization and communications within the rental industry itself. Key to this organization is the Tech-Army which is a central national repository of technicians, engineers, and installers, from dozens of technology related fields of which computer rentals are but a single skill set.

Another critical organization in the computer rental industry for 2007 has been the International Technology Rental Association (IT-RA). While the Tech-Army is an extensive collection of technology service providers the IT-RA is more exclusive and homogeneous in its approach and is composed entirely of firms in the technology or computer rental industry. The IT-RA is set to hold their 7th annual meeting in early 2008 at the Hotel Contessa in San Antonia Tx.

Looking forward John Beagle of, who shot the below video of Niraj Jain and the ICCRents operation earlier this year, hopes to extend his firms logistical capabilities using the old fashioned method of personal visits and interviews of both existing and potential partners.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Computer Rentals for the 2008 Elections

Computer Rentals For Election 2008Computer Rentals have been a working their way into every aspect of the American way of life for over 20 years now. So it should come as no surprise that Campaign Computer Rentals have found a home among the nations top candidates for the countries highest office.

This 2008 election season is expected to bring with it the highest demand yet for campaign desktop computer rentals, campaign laptop rentals, campaign audio visual rentals, and campaign kiosk rentals to be used among the nations individual office seekers, political parties, and news agencies.

Surprisingly Darcy Mann of predicts that the larger of the markets will be campaign rentals for news agencies. According to Mrs. Mann national network news agencies take advantage of computer rentals during the election season because they truly have a large scale short term need for computer hardware. She explained that the larger news media firms often rent hundreds of laptop computers to help with surveys and exit pooling that happens all across the country in the weeks leading up to election night.

For more information on how computer rentals can help during the 2008 Election season visit our page entitled on Computer Rentals for National, State, and Local Campaigns.

Or join rental industry experts at the Technical Forum on their Campaign Rental Overview Discussion Thread.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Computer Rentals Online

Online Computer RentalsLas Vegas – Computer Rentals Join E-Store announced last week they have signed up to offer their computer rental products online through the Tech-Army E-Store. The new agreement comes as the Tech-Army goes live with a new and improved E-Store released early in the Forth Quarter of 2007..

John Beagle, CEO of, said his goals for the new Online Computer Rental E-Store were “To improve the speed at which we can process orders for those customers who have a straight forward computer rental need”.

Beagle went on to say that unlike their main website for Corporate Computer Rentals, that targets large scale events and large quantity computer rental orders, the Tech-Army E-Store is designed for smaller and simpler needs.

There are however several computer rental products in the E-Store that do require consultation with a Tech Travel Agent.

Beagle is hopeful the hybrid approach the new computer rental e-store takes will leave each customer with a feeling that their computer rental needs were taken care of in a “timely and thorough manner”.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Orlando Computer Rentals

Orlando Computer Rentals 800-736-8772Computer Rentals in Orlando can be a great choice for snowbirds, students, every day corporate events, and Orange County Convention exhibitors alike. provides local delivery of computer rentals to Orlando and the surrounding area. We even deliver right to your hotel or convention booth.

Computer Rentals in Orlando have been a daily occurrence for our Tech Travel Agents for 20 years now and you can count on your every Orlando computer rental to be given the highest priority.

For more information on your next Orlando Computer Rental need follow the link below or contact your Tech Travel Agent today at 800-736-8772.

Orlando Computer Rental Quote Request

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