Thursday, July 31, 2008

Video Production and Multimedia Rental

Media has been in the Audio and Visual industry now for over 20 years. We have now expanded this concept even more by now renting out professional video, audio, and multimedia equipment for the film and video production industry. A video production and Multimedia rental is perfect for those who want to make a short film for a project the have.

A video production and Multimedia rental is perfect for anyone who wants to make a short film for two reasons, save money and acquire the latest technology. Renting video production and Multimedia equipment is so much cheaper than buying all the equipment for a quick project that will only take a few weeks and then your done and would never need the equipment again. Also when you rent from rentacomputer you will be sure that you will be receiving the latest video and multimedia equipment every time you rent from us. Video and multimedia equipment is only good for about 2-3 years before it gets old and goes bad. To replace all of your old equipment will cost you thousands of dollars every time. So why take the expense of buying when you can rent for a fraction of the cost.

To see our full line of video production services visit our Media Rentals page, or contact us today at 800-736-8772 to schedule your next professional audio or video rental.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Rent A Laptop For A Trip

Airport Laptop RentalWith laptops becoming less expensive to buy you may wonder why should I rent a laptop for a business trip when I could just buy one of my own or just bring a laptop I already own. Well there is a very logical reason that is becoming bigger every year.

The fact is laptops are one of the most stolen items when someone is traveling. Dell recently did a survey about laptops being stolen in airports and here is the staggering results the survey reported.
“Close to 10,278 laptops are reported lost every week at 36 of the largest U.S. airports, and 65 percent of those laptops are not reclaimed, the survey said. Around 2,000 laptops are recorded lost at the medium-sized airports, and 69 percent are not reclaimed.”

So now the question is how do you prevent yourself from loosing your laptop or prevent it from being stolen at an airport? Well there is a very easy solution to this problem that is becoming more and more popular, you just rent a laptop. Renting a laptop is so easy and cost effective. Starting price for renting laptops start at just $100 dollars and better yet you do not even have to worry about bringing it through the airport because you can have it delivered to you personally or shipped straight to your hotel, depending on your quantity and situation. So what do you have to loose! You can receive a free laptop quote right now at or contact a tech travel agent at 1-800-736-8772.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meeting Planners and Technology Rentals

Meeting PlannersMeeting planners are the individuals and business professionals responsible for nearly every aspect involved in the preparation and execution of a corporate meeting, conference, or event. Many of the duties assigned to a meeting planner include site selection, scheduling and time management, catering, entertainment, and many other duties. One thing you may have noticed is the striking similarities between a Meeting Planner, and our Tech Travel Agents.

Tech Travel Agents are in principal Meeting Planners who specialize in the latest technologies of computers, projectors, and AV equipment for use in today's corporate meeting environment and other events. Many corporate Meeting Planners often consult with our Tech Travel Agents prior to booking an event so they are sure they have all the resources necessary to get the job done. Tech Travel Agents have been providing short term technology rentals for corporate event for over 20 years and have become an invaluable service to many Meeting Planners and completing an event.

If you are a Meeting Planner and are interested in the benefits of consulting a technology specialist, contact a Tech Travel Agent Today.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Technology Rentals Available Via Skype

SkypeYour Tech Travel Agent at is proud to announce yet another convenient way to arrange your technology travel needs.

Effective immediately you can Book Your Next Technology Rental Toll Free From Anywhere In The World using our Skype Voice Over IP account. Our new Skype username is “” verbalized: Tech (dot) Travel (dot) Agent. Or just click the link below to call us now.


For those of you not familiar with Skype it is a simple PC-based tool that allows you to make calls toll free to other people anywhere in the world on the Skype network. It supports standard two-way communication for those of you who may have a headset hooked up to your computer which has a full featured chat interface as well.

So the next time you need a computer rental, laptop rental, projector rental, or any technology rental anywhere, remember your Tech Travel Agent with is always easy to get a hold of and is always here to take the stress out of our short term hardware needs..

To stay up on the latest news on short term technology solutions visit our Computer Rentals Blog or click the following link to request that our Tech Travel Agents contact you for More Information on a Technology Rental.

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