Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Keeping Your Belongings Safe During Holiday Travel

When you think of TSA you think security but did you know that in the year, airlines lost 7 bags for every 1,000 passengers? That is true according to the Department of Transportation. A steadily rise each year from 2002, when the industry lost 3.84 bags for every 1,000 fliers. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) estimates that, “for each of it’s employees who touches a bag, six to 10 airline or airport employees and contractors touch the same bag once it's out of the passenger's sight, increasing the chances of loss or theft.” Full Story Here

Granted, this is not the kind of thing you want to hear about during the holiday season yet, getting your belongings rummaged through and your valuables or much needed medication stolen would be far worse.

So while you are planning you trip to go see “Aunt Jane” in California why not take a little extra precautions to keep your belongings safe and to get you through check points faster. Here are some tips.

Carry valuable jewelry and medications on your person – anything stolen or lost is usually never reimbursed.

Consider shipping your luggage and gifts – A new service like Luggage Free has emerged as ways to bypass the hassles of checking bags. You jus pack your suitcases as usual no special packaging needed. Shipping slips and return slips are mailed to you with a pickup time scheduled. If the bags are being sent to a hotel, the concierge will typically call customers to let them know their belongings have arrived. There is also the option of simply mailing bags and/or packages by using the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx Corp. or UPS Inc. Full Story Here

Computers are a big target and space issues can prevent you from keeping your carry-on with you from check point to check point. It is best to leave your computer at home. Consider renting a computer for your travel needs. It can arrive at your event or hotel loaded with the software you need and ready to go.Computer Rental Story Here

Planning ahead will help you avoid hassles at check points and worry about security issues. New options can lessen the stress of getting on a plane when all you have to take is yourself and everything you need is on its way keeping your holiday season happy.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Monitor Blog For Display Technology News

A monitor blog for display technology newsThinking about what type of big screen display to rent for your next trade show? Wondering if that new Dell 23" LCD is as good as the commercials make it look? Well then you sould pay a visit and hopefully even bookmark our new blog dedicated to monitor technology.

The new blog is simply called "A Monitor Blog" and even though we know that phrase is used by a lot of other people who are not talking about display technology we are confident that over time we will have the traffic and links to rank highly in the search engine results for that phrase. After all this truly is a Blog about monitors!

Right now our main contributors to the blog are Mike Howard and Alexander Solis. Both experienced employees of Xponex media, and dedicated technophiles, who write on behalf of

We hope you have the chance to check out the blog and if you have any suggestions for a post feel free to send us an e-mail at

Of course for your next computer or audio visual rental need be sure to visit the internet’s most visible vendor at their Nationwide Computer Rental website.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Computer Rentals for a Slowing Economy

Computer Rentals -Smart in a Tough EconomyIn today’s economic environment companies are looking for every angle possible to control their spending and preserve their lines of credit with their bank. One way to help accomplish that goal is by renting your computer equipment when the project or need is short term.

When the economy is good companies might be more inclined to buy an expensive projector that would only be used a few times a year. Or they might be inclined to purchase a trade show display or a kiosk so they could display at an annual trade show. But with technology changing so rapidly and with such uncertainty in the business and financial world a short term computer rental makes even more sense as both a hedge for the preservation of needed capitol and the guarantee of always having the latest technology.

By using a Tech Travel Agent to rent only the technology you need when you need it you can still have that high end projector or professional looking trade show display or kiosk, and the equipment is delivered right to you with set up by our trained professionals. For example a high end LCD Projector could sell for over five thousand dollars but a two day rental could be had for a tiny fraction of that cost. Why spend all that money and take the risk of transporting such expensive equipment if you don't have to?

Also a technology rental avoids several negative tax implications as your company will have the use of the equipment but not the tax burden of ownership. It’s also common for equipment rental fees to be completely charged back to the contract or job for which they were required. And in either case the rental is an expense to the business and as such contributes to lowering any potential tax on profits.

For more information on computer rentals contact a Tech Travel Agent today:
Tech Travel Agent

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