Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sun Server Rental Information (Computer Rental)

Seems like we have had quite a run on Sun Server Rentals lately.
Perhaps it is because Rentacomputer.com is one place to find just about any network device for rent.

SUN Server Rentals
Sun's general-purpose, entry-level servers are price/performance optimized, widely scalable, and extremely reliable. Ranging from single processor systems to up to 4 processors running on the Solaris OS, Linux, Windows, or VMware -- Sun delivers a variety of options to meet your specific business needs.

Processors: Up to 4 AMD Opteron or Sun UltraSPARC processors
Operating Systems: Solaris, Linux, Windows and Vmware

(click on the link below for a fast quote)

SUN Server Rentals
SUN Workstation Rentals


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